Theme: What are you doing with the domain?

May 16, 2015

Do you know some web-experts think that inactive domain means the domain is not active?
I would like to give you a business process that is relate to domain name.

1. You have to find the domain name that meets your needs. Construction firms Hazama Corp. and Ando Corp. have merged. Their new domain is
2. You have to register domain name right away before somebody did that. Once you failed in this process, you have to pay for the price. Whether to spend some money to promote the other name you chose or to buy the domain name you want. How much you have to pay (or willing to pay)? Don’t ask lawyer. The lawyer does not understand the value of the domain name. Ask your Marketing head or the owner.
3. The web page will not come out at this process because you need some time to prepare or in many cases, it is only a welcome page.
You need email addresses before website. You cannot start your business without email but your business can be started without website.

For this inactive domain, there are 189 email addresses. They are using Office365, Skype for Business, Yammer and Share point.