Theme: Windows Server 2012R2

December 30, 2013

Valid for 180 days.

  1. Datacenter Product Key:           JGXYY-7NMTC-MHKY3-QCC9B-VQRG7
  2. Automatic Virtual Machine      Activation (AVMA) Key for Datacenter Server:           XVNRV-9HTX4-TH2JD-HVJQD-QRQWG

What can you do with this Evaluation?

1. WSUS : Setup one 2012R2 as Windows Server Update Service

    There are a lot of programs out there which may be useful for you or your organization. Testing new programs on your machines is not a good idea. If you have to update the test machine direct from Microsoft’s site, it may takes 1-2 hours. With WSUS, it only takes 20-30 minutes for new Windows 7, 8 or Server.

2. Exchange Server 2013 Server Roles

    If your organization has less than 50 users, one Exchange server is enough. But if you have more than 100 users or sites, to put everything into one server is not a good idea. To have replicate server in another place is also very expensive.

3. Servers farm.

    Are you going to use just one server for all roles, DNS , file share, DHCP, DC, Mail, Print server, Web, CRM, SQL , etc? This is the best time to plan and test before implement virtualization.

Use VirtualBox to installastion.

Mount Windows Server 2012R2 .ISO to virtual machine.

– I rename the server to WebDAV
– Set timezone.
– Assign IP, DNS and gateway. You may run this command line one-by-one in Poweshell. I set my IP to
     netsh interface ip set address name=”Ethernet” static
     netsh interface ipv4 set dns “Ethernet” static primary
     netsh interface ipv4 add dns “Ethernet” 2
– points to